----------WHY SLIPSTOP----------


Slipstop® is designed with protection in mind.

Protect your feet from slipping and falling, burning on hot surfaces and from the sun's harmful rays. Slipstop®  shoes are rated UPF 50+ to ensure your feet are protected in so many ways .


Slipstop® is designed with comfort in mind.

Ever struggle to wrestle your children into water shoes and then hear them say 'my shoes are hurting?'  Slipstop® is soft, flexible and extremely comfortable, designed for a barefoot feeling. They can be worn all day in and out of the water and because they are so light, when in the water you can actually swim without realising you are wearing shoes. 


Slipstop® is designed with safety in mind

Anti-slip soles help prevent slipping and falling on wet & dry surfaces. How often do you find yourself shouting 'Don't Run!' around pools and other slippery surfaces even at home? Slipstop® offers the protection for when children forget in their excitement for adventure.

Our high-tech sole protects feet from burning  when the sand or floor is hot so no more hopping quickly in pain to get to your destination.


Ever since Noah was a baby I’ve been buying Slipstop. These slip on shoes are amazing! Not to mention they give parents a peace of mind! Nothing worse when you have a child who’s running on dry/wet tiles, In Dubai when it gets hot...so does the ground! You're worrying about their little feet! But since buying Slipstop I don’t have to worry as much! I take them everywhere with me even back to Ireland! They come in the cutest designs and they have matching pairs for Mammy and daddy too! They’re not just for kids!😉 



I absolutely love these Slipstop shoes and wouldn't be able to let the girls run on a wet surface without them.


Jida A.

We use SLIPSTOP in the house, in the garden beach, at/in the pool as whole family and very happy from them which is highly recommended.


Dina Butti

T H E B E S T A N T I S L I P S H O E S : I have tried over 5 different brands of anti slip on shoes for Taym since he was 1yr old up until now. 5 years later I gotta say SLIPSTOP are the best! They don’t tear easily, the non slip material on the soles stays in perfect condition, and their design and colors don’t fade away even after so many times of using it! They have a wide collection with so many different designs and even matching swimsuits with these slip ons. Definitely recommended for indoors and outdoors. I really don’t ever have to say “don’t run around the pool! You might slip!” ☀️


Jana Shami

Another beach/adventure must have! SLIPSTOP shoes.

Kids and adults sizes. Protect against heat, sand & stones etc!Perfect for when your kids want to explore and you have to go along too!


Ms Carey

These Slipstop shoes are a life saver!No slipping and no burnt feet.So happy kids and happy Mama! 



The best pool side shoes to protect your little ones from the hot floors, slipping and hygiene. Isla has always worn these and now his little brother Ari.

These shoes have so many purposes they are great for around the pool, to protect from the hot floors and to stop slipping, great for the beach and we also love these shoes in the garden.Isla always has little white feet because she won't go swimming without her Slipstop.



SLIPSTOP are literally the best shoes which can be worn anywhere! Pool, beach, home, playground



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